We have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and godlike technology.
-E.O. Wilson

We're alive during the most exciting time in history but also the most dynamic, unpredictable, and misaligned. We can use the exponential power of technology to improve the world instead of being exponentially consumed by it.It's never been more accessible to live a fulfilling life but we must align our modern self with our Paleolithic needs as we adapt to the mismatched society we were born into.Through humane technology, understanding invisible influences, and engaging in intentional entrepreneurship, we can shape the future to be not only the most exciting time to be alive, but the most fulfilling for more people than any other time in history.



Miles! Thanks so much for being awesome. You're a force for good in this world.

Tim Ferriss5X NYT bestseller & podcaster

You have the talent and work ethic to do a lot of good.

Mark Manson3X NYT bestseller