Miles Rote

Rewrite your life and author your story.

"The real problem of humanity is that we have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions and godlike technology." E.O. Wilson

We're alive during the most exciting time in history but also the most dynamic and unpredictable. How can we exercise the necessary wisdom to address the big problems in these unprecedented times? How can we use technology to better humanity instead of humanity being used by it?

My aim is to better cultivate a grounded and fulfilling life in a rapidly changing world though humane technology, intentional community, empowering unconventional thinking, leveraging invisible influences, and celebrating awe. There are modern techniques we can align with our Paleolithic needs as we adapt to the mismatched society we were born into and create opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

It's never been easier for more people on this planet to create a high standard of living for themselves they deem fulfilling. Yet, more of us are suffering than ever before. We can do better.

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