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Miles Rote

Rewrite your life and author your story.

I explore the space where technology, humanity, and psychology collide. We're alive during the most exciting time in history but also the most dynamic and unpredictable. My aim is to better cultivate a grounded and fulfilling life in a rapidly changing world.

Examining the intersections of AI, humane technology, subconscious influences, and awe, I explore what makes us human and the importance of being in sync with our innate nature--especially in a technologically advancing culture.

Additionally, with my concept of unself help, I encourage others to deprogram patterns and identities that create disconnection, allowing opportunities for new narratives to take root.

The path we take to unite our physical, invisible, and virtual realities determines not only our lives but the course for the next era of our humanity. I'm here for it.

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Live by design, not by default.