Undo your past to create your future


To know yourself is to forget yourself.” -Dogen Zen-ji  

Identity, and and how we view the world, is based on what happened to you, not necessarily who you are.  'Be Yourself' is bad advice since most of us repeat bad habits established beneath our awareness, reinforcing a version of ourselves we no longer want to be.

Instead of animating the story written before you had agency, undo who you've been and rewrite who you become.

Self Help Lessons

Unknown → Known

You deserve to be happy

Kill your ego

You have free will

Just do it

Discover yourself

Be yourself

Seek self-actualization

Achieve new years resolutions

Trauma is bad, avoid it

You control technology

Unself Help Lessons

Known → Unknown

Stop pursuing happiness

Embrace your ego (kill your identity)

You have free won't

Just undo it

Dis-cover yourself

Stop being yourself

Seek non-self actualization

Start tiny habits

Trauma is inevitable, understand it

Technology controls you


Undo who you've been to become who you are

1 | Dis-Cover Yourself

There is no 'finding' yourself,' which is why personal development and self-help can feel like a circular treadmill leading nowhere.

Instead of trying to discover yourself, Unself Help encourages you to dis-cover your self.

When we uncover who the ingredients that make up the self, we can better determine who we want to become.

2 | Stop Being Yourself

Dogen Zen-ji said, “To know yourself is to forget yourself.” 

If our patterns and identity are based on our childhood, trauma, and convenience, ‘be yourself’ isn’t great advice.

To become who we want to be, it's often about undoing who we've been to become who we want to be.

3 | Unself Actualization

Instead of seeking Self Actualization, strive for Unself Actualization.

We live in a culture with far too much attention on the Self and it concretizes who we've been instead of who we want to become.

The more we unravel from previous identities, the easier we can create the life we want.

| who I am |

Miles Rote

Rewrite your life and author your story.

After healing 20 years of chronic back pain, I realized how much of my life was determined by it. Feeling robbed of autonomy and wanting to control my future, I investigated (I was a Private Investigator at the time) how unseen forces shape who we become.

Almost all our decisions, behaviors, and beliefs are established beneath our conscious awareness. When I accepted my present was a reflection of the past, I was able to control my future.

Instead of self-help and personal development, I focus on what I call, Unself Help and Personal Undevelopment. Doing more often means repeating more of the wrong things.

I quit my job as a Private Investigator, became a certified Self-Mastery and yoga instructor, and moved to Costa Rica to rewrite my life. Today I help others write their story with Scribe Media, and help others rewrite their life through Unself Help.

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