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Miles Rote

Rewrite your life and author your story.

After healing 20 years of chronic back pain, I realized how much of my life was determined by it. Feeling robbed of autonomy and wanting to control my future, I investigated (I was a Private Investigator at the time) how unseen forces shape who we become.

Almost all our decisions, behaviors, and beliefs are established beneath our conscious awareness. When I accepted my present was a reflection of the past, I was able to control my future.

Instead of self-help and personal development, I focus on what I call, Unself Help and Personal Undevelopment. Doing more often means repeating more of the wrong things.

I quit my job as a Private Investigator, became a certified Self-Mastery and yoga instructor, and moved to Costa Rica to rewrite my life. Today I help others write their story with Scribe Media, and help others rewrite their life through Unself Help.

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